Job-hoppers… or Meaning-seekers? How Perceptions of Millennial Workers May Result from Ineffective Talent Management

Millennials – and their work habits – have received a fair degree of scrutiny in recent years. These 18-to-35-year-old workers have at times been dubbed job-hoppers or characterized as having unrealistic expectations about what companies should be offering them. But new research, along with candid employee feedback, suggests they’re far from fickle. Instead, millennials could

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6 Changes Your Company Must Make to Develop More Female Leaders

Unconscious bias is undermining companies that sincerely, but wrongly, believe they are meritocracies. By: Steffen Maier, Co-founder of Impraise The most recent allegations of sexual harassment by management and subsequent apathy by HR at hot tech startup Uber have once again brought to the fore the lack of progress we’ve made in gender equality. What

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2016 Platinum Excel Award

Estimados Socios y Amigos: Nos llena de orgullo que el Capítulo de Puerto Rico haya sido reconocido por primera vez con el más alto galardón 2016 Platinum Excel Award. Esta distinción la otorga SHRM Nacional a los Capítulos que sobresalen por sus iniciativas extraordinarias para adelantar la profesión de recursos humanos y alcanzar la misión

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HR Should Use Data, Analytics to Increase Influence

By Catherine Skrzypinski VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada—Because HR jobs have emerged as some of the most important roles in business here, HR professionals must move away from processes and policies and focus on shaping company strategies for productivity and performance. And if HR wants to increase its influence at an organization, it should become more

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The 5 Basic Financial Skills Every Manager Should Know and Understand

By: Lianabel Oliver, MBA, CPA, CMA, CGMA CEO & Chief Learning Officer I have been working with leadership in companies for a long time, and everyday managers make decisions that affect their company’s financial performance — whether it is scheduling operations, hiring and firing personnel, preparing a budget, approving a capital investment, or sending an invoice

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