Metrics: How do I determine which HR metrics to measure and report?

Determining what metrics to measure and report will depend on an organization’s strategy and goals. When high-level executives ask the HR team to start measuring the department’s performance, some HR staffers scramble to figure out what they should measure. Measurement just for the sake of providing statistics is never a good idea. As business writer

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Aligning Workforce Strategies With Business Objectives

Scope—This article provides an overview of five critical workforce strategies that must be linked with an organization’s strategic objectives to achieve success. It directs readers to more in-depth resources on the five strategies and on many secondary matters. Overview Identifying and implementing workforce strategies in a challenging global economy is a high-priority issue for top

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10 Reasons Change Efforts Fail

Looking to implement a change in your organization? Here are 10 common mistakes businesses make--and how you can avoid them. By: Lee Colan Growth may be optional but change is inevitable. Unfortunately, most efforts to make organizational changes fail, and the reasons are predictable. Since change will happen in your business, keep these 10 reasons

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El reto de la mujer trabajadora en tiempos de pandemia, una reflexión en el Día Internacional de la Mujer

Por: Ma. Eugenia del Rio Ferrer Directora Casellas Alcover & Burgos La amenaza que ha representado la pandemia ocasionada por el COVID-19 en todos los niveles profesionales forzó desde sus inicios a un confinamiento que pudiese asegurar la disminución de los contagios.  Ante esta circunstancia, todas las actividades de la vida diaria se aglutinaron en

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Take the ‘Micro’ out of Management

By Jathan Janove, J.D Most HR professionals know a micromanager or two … or two dozen. Some micromanagers are incorrigible; they're simply wired that way. But others are not. One way to find out whether the manager in question can change is through HR coaching. Micromanagers who might be responsive to coaching fall into these categories: "I

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