Job-hoppers… or Meaning-seekers? How Perceptions of Millennial Workers May Result from Ineffective Talent Management

Millennials – and their work habits – have received a fair degree of scrutiny in recent years. These 18-to-35-year-old workers have at times been dubbed job-hoppers or characterized as having unrealistic expectations about what companies should be offering them. But new research, along with candid employee feedback, suggests they’re far from fickle. Instead, millennials could

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Move Over, Millennials; Generation Z Is Here

By David Stillman and Jonah Stillman The next generation of workers is upon us: Generation Z, or the iGeneration, has begun to enter the workforce, and the first class of college degree-holders will graduate this spring. So what does this mean for the future of work? Researcher and Generation Xer David Stillman and his son, member of

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